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Mrs. Dawn Shields
Dawn Shields
Online Coordinator

706 North Shaver Street
Mount Union PA 17066
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ACL Presentation 2024


Student Testimonial: Celia

Choosing to participate in the Pennsylvania Highlands Associate Degree program in high school was the best decision for furthering my future. Like many people, we were skeptical of such a perfect…

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Student Testimonial: Natalie

“ACL is a place where I can come to get help with my problems and a quiet place to work. It is also a fun environment and makes my day better.”…

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Student Testimonial: Kevin

“Dawn Shields and the Academy for Customized Learning is why I became a goal oriented and driven student. I had a goal of graduating High School in 3 years rather than…

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Parent Testimonial: Deb & Brian

“Thank you so much for taking extra time with our son. Everyone and everything have an impact on his life—yours was for the good! Some teachers just see the job, others…

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Student Testimonial: Tiffany

“ACL helped me because I could work at my own speed, which made it easier. I don’t think I could have made it to graduation without your help!” -Class of 2010

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Student Testimonial: Cody S.

The Academy’s classes facilitated a smooth transition for me from high school to college coursework. They provided an opportunity to explore subjects relevant to my future degree while adjusting to the…

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Enrollment Criteria
  • Read and comprehend on grade level (with accommodations)
  • Express thoughts and ideas in essay form (required essay assignments, reports, and tests)
  • Must be recommended by Guidance Counselor or Administrator
  • Must need an alternative method of instruction
  • May enter Lab maximum of 2 periods per day
  • 3 day evaluation period (if unsuccessful, students will return to regular schedule)
  • Regular attendance is necessary for success in the online learning environment
  • Must commit to succeed both online and in the traditional classroom
  • Must maintain passing grades in all courses, both online and in traditional classes
  • Must be able to work cooperatively

The Academy utilizes curriculum from multiple online providers to personalize curriculum with Mount Union District Teaching Staff.

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Dual Credit

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